Our Process

If you choose to work with us, here’s what you can expect.

Confidential search. Sometimes, you’re put in the unfortunate position of having to replace a key manager or leader. However, business continuity is essential, and you don’t want to chance disrupting operations because the employee quits after learning of the organization’s plans. That’s why we keep searches completely confidential.

IT expertise. Our specialization is executive search for the IT field. That means we know exactly where to find prime tech talent and leadership. For examples, here’s a few recent searches we were able to conclude with a successful placement:

  • Software engineer
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Applications manager
  • Product manager
  • IT director

Executive Search Process for Clients

Once you’ve determined what role you need to fill and contacted us, here’s what to expect.

  1. Role discussion. We discuss the role in great detail to ensure we root out and capture all relevant elements the candidate will need to align with. There’s also discussion of the organization, as well as the team the candidate will be working with.
  2. Network outreach. After discussing the role, we reach out to our network to identify potential candidates that may be a good fit.
  3. Candidate qualification. After contacting the potential candidates, we employ a rigorous vetting process that includes multiple phone and/or video conferences, as well as an in-person meeting when practical. We even give technical tests and check references on an as-needed basis.
  4. Coaching on hiring process. Due to our extensive vetting process, we typically work with you to consolidate your own hiring process to ensure the most suitable candidates aren’t overburdened. This also helps to minimize your effort and needed resources.
  5. Interview scheduling. We’ll then set up interviews, which typically starts with a call. In most cases, we strive to present only the best two or three candidates to make interviewing and selection as easy and targeted as possible.
  6. Debrief on candidates. After the interviews, we’ll debrief with you to determine which candidate(s) you’re most interested in.
  7. Placement and follow-up. The last step is making the direct hire with your chosen candidate. We’ll also follow up with you over the next few months to ensure the best fit.

We invite you to start your next executive search with us. Reach out here or call us directly at (281) 402-9109.